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“You are the architect of your own life; values and relationships are lifetime assets - learn how to nurture them.”

Bhuvana Pashupathi
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Each person has a unique personality shaped by his genes  and his environment. When a person learns about his genetic material, (which is not in his control) he can manage to arrange his environment in such a way (which is in his control) that he develops himself into the personality he envisions for himself. This is called self-awareness.

Self-awareness can be acquired with a little bit of help and a lot of willingness. Why is self-awareness important? Self-awareness is required to face the various challenges in life in an amicable way so that every failure compulsorily turns into a stepping stone for success.

Success and achievement are the ultimate goals which every normal human aspires for. But most of them go only up to a certain point and give up either because they are stuck or become lazy and complacent saying that this much is enough for them and they are happy with what they have.

Or it could also be that they have chosen the wrong profession or business and find themselves facing stumbling blocks all the way, thus getting demotivated in the process. 

Sometimes a person’s progress can get hampered because of their own lack in terms of behaviour and personality while they may not be aware of where they are going wrong. 

That is why it is really important to know oneself. Self-awareness not only helps you to know your capabilities and shortcomings, but it also allows you to understand why the other person reacts to you the way they do. 

A thorough understanding of yourself and the people with whom you deal will allow you to enjoy good relationships with all and lead you to a win-win situation, no matter what your line of business or profession is. To get here, one must start early. As early as the teenage years. If self-awareness is taught or learnt at this stage of life – the teenage years – it will help in developing oneself into a holistic personality, choosing the most suitable career path and learning to get along with all kinds of people on this planet. “If we can develop holistically in terms of health, wealth and personality, will success elude us?”

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My Vision

To ensure a world where people live in harmony and enjoy good relationships with each other with joy and satisfaction.

My Mission

To enable 10 lakh people, to know themselves and their genetic traits so that they recognize their uniqueness and learn to enjoy life, living in peace and harmony by designing their path in career and relationship suitable to their personality. 

I am aiming to help all age groups find their unique potential and live a fulfilling life, at the same time enjoy the goodness in others and maintain happy relationships with all.


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  • I feel benefited from the counseling

    Aravind Swaminathan - 27 - Chennaiite
    I feel benefited from the counseling which was conducted ... I am lucky to be counseled by Mrs. Bhuvana Pashupathi who genuinely wishes well for me.