Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP)

Your’s and your child’s unconscious preferences influence how you see the world, how you act, how you learn, and more. With the help of genetic brain profiling, we can help in the following areas

(5 YEARS +)
Academic Strengths & Weaknesses
Best Suited Extracurricular Activities
Subject Choices
Career Guidance
Career Guidance
Self Improvement
Communication & Relationship Needs
Conflict Troubleshooting & Resolution

What is Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP)?

Genetic Brain Profiling, GBP in short, is based on dermatoglyphics and behavioral science and is a scientific tool which can be effectively used to choose one’s path in life. Personality and talent mapping are useful to equip students with the necessary knowledge to face life and choose the right career. GBP is done with the help of fingerprints (of the individual) by which they can get to know their natural talents and abilities whether it has been developed or not. Students and adults can discover their academic and behavioral strengths and weaknesses, their learning styles and suitable relationship needs. This is a unique scientific assessment tool which gives accurate results.

What can we identify using GBP?

Glyph talent skill
Your natural talents, whether it has been developed or not
Environments and situations you are comfortable with or prefer
How you perceive both social and educational information
What will cause you stress. How you function normally and how you change during stress
Possible hyperactive behaviour
Communication Style
Your interpersonal communication styles and relationship needs
Learning Styles & Barriers
Learning styles that will suit you. Potential barriers to learning
Career Choices
Career options where you will prosper

Who can benefit from GBP?

Academic Insights

Your child’s Genetic Brain Profile will provide so much insight in his/her academic strengths and weaknesses.
Identify natural talents like
Art & Design
Understanding quickly
Problem solving
Identify possible learning obstacles, such as
Difficulty learning how to read/write
Slow reading speed
Misreading questions or assignments, especially in exams
Easily distracted and trouble in concentrating
Trouble with spelling and mathematics
Difficulty understanding new concepts
Hyperactive behaviour
Severe dislike for school

Career Insights

Your child’s Genetic Brain Profile will provide insight into his/her unconscious preferences which will reveal the best suited career options for your child.
Factors we take into consideration include:

Extra Curricular Insights

Your child’s Genetic Brain Profile will reveal his/her natural talents in the areas of sports, arts, hobbies, etc.
Some factors we consider are:

Personality Insights

Your Genetic Brain Profile will reveal a lot of your unconscious preferences that moulds your personality.
Such as

Relationship Insights

Your and your partner’s Genetic Brain Profiles will provide insight into your inborn unconscious preferences, communication styles, and relationship needs.
Learn how your partner thinks

Work Related Insights

Your Genetic Brain Profile will provide insight into your unconscious preferences which will highlight what you need to work on to be more successful at work.
Some of the attributes we look at are