Demystifying Teenagers

About the book

The book “Demystifying Teenagers” is all about how to enjoy the process of parenting by understanding your teenager better.

Adolescence is a time when growth spurts happen along with hormonal imbalances leading to a confused state of mind. This is the time for friendships and crushes to develop. A time for worries and fears over marks and exams. A time to transform from being dependent to being independent. And a time for parents to be very mindful of their parenting styles.

It is a matter of choice how parents bring up their children. They can ensure that their children are well-accomplished, have a successful career and know how to live in harmony, if they understand their children well.

The book tells you how parents can ensure proper development in all the five areas that are critical to their evolving into healthier dynamic personalities. The five areas are emotional, cognitive, social (including adult life-skills), physical and spiritual (values and beliefs that are in the subconscious and conscious mind)).

Successful conversation with teenagers happen only when parents understand how their children think. They should keep the developmental milestones of their children in mind when trying to communicate with them. They should be aware of their cognitive abilities and emotional maturity for better communication.

Parents should offer information in ways that children can understand and have back & forth discussions that allow teens to take ownership of solutions proposed during the discussions.

Know yourself first to know your children better. It gives all parents an opportunity to introspect, without any disputes, within themselves, to recognise their children’s uniqueness as well as their problems. If children are born with certain genetic qualities, can they be nurtured to overcome their shortcomings? Yes of course, parenting plays a major role in this. Values and attitudes make all the difference is shaping one’s personality and parents are major contributes in this area too.

It shows the way for parents to be empowered by breaking through their limitations that are governed by their conditioning and programming, so that new possibilities are created for joyful parenting.

About the Author

Bhuvana Pashupathi takes a keen interest in facilitating the upbringing and growth of teenagers. She enjoys helping parents to nurture them in the right way. Her belief that each child is unique and can be a potential genius, helps her to guide parents accordingly. She values children as a gift given to parents to  cherish and be treated with love and gratitude. Her mission in life is to make sure children learn to fly high while at the same time be rooted in good values to lead a harmonious life. The future of India is in their hands, so she strongly believes that parents must be more mindful about their holistic development.